Thanks to our alert readers for calling our attention to media reports that Colonel Gregory Gross, the military judge in the Hasan case, has orderd that MAJ Hasan be forcibly shaved.  (Killeen Daily Herald coverage here.)

Under CAAF’s previous ruling on MAJ Hasan’s petition for extraordinary relief, MAJ Hasan will “be afforded the opportunity to file a petition for extraordinary relief with the United States Army Court of Criminal Appeals prior to the execution of the order” that he be forcibly shaved.  Hasan v. Gross, __ M.J. __, No. 12-8032/AR (C.A.A.F. Aug. 27, 2012).

2 Responses to “Military judge orders that MAJ Hasan be forcibly shaved”

  1. stackhouse says:

    I still don’t get why this is a judge issue.  I may actually have to read something.

  2. A. Hernandez says:

    I agree that this is a chain of command issue.  If I were the govt. counsel, I would not oppose his appearance with a beard.  I would either prepare a document for him to sign acknowledging his decision and that it may not be in his best interest or ask the judge to cover the issue on the record if he won’t sign (or both).  The problem I see with this judicial order is that it will have to be carried out every day there is a hearing.  His neck is not paralyzed so he’ll be able to move around, likely getting plenty of cuts; would that also affect his right to a fair trial?  Why give him the power to keep delaying the trial?  If an accused’s behavior may have him barred from being in the courtroom and continue observing from another location, why can’t this uniform violation be treated as such willful behavior and simply let him continue after he’s been warned?  Let’s face it, he will likely do something else to get himself placed in the cctv room, making the beard issue just another issue.  Move the process along and he will assist the govt. and the judge in mooting the issue.