Bales Art. 32 Still Scheduled for Sep. 17, 2012

Accordings to the Gig Harbor Patch (here and here?) the Bales Art. 32 is still scheduled for Sep. 17th.  But it is not on the JBLM or Ft. Leavenworth dockets and Sep. 17th is the beginning of the JMJAT Conference.  So either the Bales convening authority is not following past precedenc=t in these high profile cases and is using an Art. 32 officer other than a military judge or the hearing has been moved (date or location).

“Navy Officer Losing Spanking Appeal”

Reports the Sydney Morning Herald.  Ok, so he’s an Australian officer.  But the headline sure is . . .

A former Navy Lieutenant Commander convicted of indecently spanking a junior female sailor has lost his appeal to the Federal Court.  Lieutenant John Alan Jones was found guilty in December last year of seven acts of indecency by a General Court Martial. . . . Other convictions were over incidents in which he told her to take off her pants, pulled down her underwear, made her lift up her top, and touched her bottom. . . .

Manning Court-Martial Access Writ to be Argued at CAAF on Oct. 10, 2012

From Politico, here:

The military’s highest appeals court has announced that it will hear oral arguments next month on a bid to allow the press and public direct access to records relating to the pending court martial of Pvt. Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence analyst accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables and military reports to Wik[shhhh].

Will try to confirm it on the calendar, here.

3 Responses to “Military Justice News for Sep. 7, 2012”

  1. Socrates says:

    OK, I’ll bite…by reacting to the news from “down under” (no pun intended) and perform today’s role as the stereotypical military male-chauvinist:  First, I only advocate decent spanking, but like most men of taste, I frown on indecent spanking.  Second, “MADE her take off her top.”  Really?  While I understand the uproar over female military members being victimized, can’t we (advanced democracies) at least require some minimum level of female accountability – to use a phrase put so forcefully advanced in another context – to control “my body.”  I’m such a Neanderthal.      

  2. D. Winklosky says:

    FYI — I believe the Bales Art 32 IO is a reserve military judge.  r/Wink

  3. John Harwood says:

    The spanking court-martial has been pretty big news down here.  Australia is going through its own version of the USAFA sex scandal, so any c-m involving indecency / sex crimes is getting a lot of scrutiny.  The facts of this case are incredibly bizarre, and worth a look: