The Navy Defense Counsel Assistance Program is hiring a Highly Qualified Expert in complex and sexual assault litigation.  The position announcement is here.

6 Responses to “Navy DCAP Highly Qualified Expert position”

  1. Jim Clark says:

    It’s great that the Navy is adding HQEs (disclaimer: I am HQE for the Army), but the 1-2 year term is unfortunate. It probably means that the likely applicants will be unemployed lawyers already in the DC area. Who gives up a job & moves for a one year job? The idea is to bring in experienced practitioners, and a 1-2 year term discourages getting the best.

  2. Just Sayin' says:

    Unless they don’t actually *want* the best…
    dons tin foil hat and waits for defense bar conspiracy theories.

  3. Don King says:

    Jim:  Potential budget issues beyond two years make it impossible for us to guarantee the pos will still exist beyond that, but there’s a growing recognition of the value HQEs bring to our practice.  In addition, there’s talk about allowing HQEs to telecommute…who knows?

    I recommend that any who are interested submit an app–could turn into a great gig. 

  4. stewie says:

    Well getting a Defense HQE for sexual assaults is progress in and of itself. Maybe they will still end up with someone of quality despite the initial short term or maybe it’s something that’s a pilot/test thing and the term can be expanded?

  5. k fischer says:

    I like the job description.  I think that an HQE could be quite effective in gathering motions, trial transcripts, expert testimony transcripts, etc. and create a database that would be an excellent resource for the Defense counsel who are actually trying sexual assault cases.  Sexual assault cases usually have the same general facts, especially with acquaintance rapes.  Certainly, having someone who can provide a nice template for motions would help, and it would also bring issues homogenize the issues that each trial deals with without missing an issue.  For instance, when a case gets referred where the Article 32 IO recommends dismissal, shouldn’t defense counsel look for UCI?  Template 412 motions would help, as well, so that defense counsel who are inexperienced can logically explain why the evidence should be admitted.    It is a great idea if executed properly.

  6. Just Sayin' says:

    Navy + executed properly = LOL.