Partial Acquittal in Air Force Basic Training Sex Case
One of several AF sergeants charged in connection with alleged sexual misconduct with trainees at Lackland AFB was acquitted yesterday of the most serious charges after entering a plea to an improper consensual relationship with a trainee. See coverage here.

Media coverage of CAAF Review of Bona Fide Suicide Attempt Court-Martial
CAAF will hold oral argument November 27th in a case sure to provoke interest from veterans groups. From Stars and Stripes, here:

Pvt. Lazzaric Caldwell’s failed suicide in 2010 at an Okinawa base led to a court-martial conviction,180-day prison sentence and a bad-conduct discharge. The only such case prosecuted by the Marines in at least two years has provided a rare public view of the tension between the military’s desire to punish self-injury and its recent outreach efforts amid a suicide epidemic across the services.

Here is the CAAF webpage link. And here is the appellant’s brief. Our prior coverage of US v. Caldwell is here and here.

Manning Trial Access Briefs
Here is the link to hearings at CAAF on Oct. 10, 2012 featuring CCR v. Judge Lind, the writ litigating access to the PFC Bradley Manning case at Ft. Meade. Here is the writ appeal petition. Other briefs can be found on the hearing page.

[update] Two More Navy Leadership Failures, One Canned and One Potentially On Track to Be Canned

The PCO of HSC-25 in Guam was canned after striking a junior officer.  Here is the Navy Times story.  Stateside, the CO of FRC Mid-Atlantic at NAS Oceana (CAPT James Cobell) was reassigned while authorities investigate “leadership” issues.  Story here.

2 Responses to “Military Justice News for Sep. 13, 2012 [Updated]”

  1. k fischer says:

    So, if the possibility of a court-martial acts as a deterrant, then is the Corps trying to deter failed suicide attempt and encourage successful suicides?  I guess in that situation it is better to be carried by six, then judged by 12.

    I’ve dealt with this issue while I was a TDS attorney for a client who attempted suicide before deploying after his commander promised under oath that he would wait to deploy client until after client’s wife gave birth to their child.  Commander decided to deploy Soldier the day before the birth, and Soldier freaked out and attempted suicide.  So, they threw him in pretrial for a couple of weeks, until I submitted a Chapter 10 out of fear that Client would off himself in jail while he awaited a court martial for ‘malingering.’ 

  2. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Always count on KF for off beat humor.  Thanks for that.