Manslaughter Charges Likely in Afghanistan Training Accident
From AP (via The Olympian), here:

The Army is preparing to prosecute a soldier for the death of Pfc. Neil Turner, a Lincoln High School graduate, at an outpost in eastern Afghanistan early this year.

Army officials initially called Turner’s death a “training accident,” but now are bringing charges of manslaughter against Spc. Francisco Perez, who’s accused of firing a rocket at Turner inside their forward base at Combat Outpost Kherwar in Afghanistan’s Logar province.

Perez allegedly killed Turner, 21, on Jan. 11 with a light anti-tank weapon, a shoulder-fired rocket launcher designed for use against armored vehicles and other hardened targets. The weapon did not detonate, but was fired at close range and pierced Turner’s upper chest, according to Turner’s family and Army charging documents.

No word on an Art. 32 hearing date.  More from the Tacoma News-Tribune (via here.

AFA Cadets Facing Sexual Assault Charges

No word on the Art. 32 date, but two Air Force Acadeemy juniors will apparently face charges of sexual assault this Fall.  See here.   I am not sure if more charges fan the flames of the sexual assault in the military “epidemic” or answer the call for accountability–see James Kifield’s recent National Journal article, The Enemy Within.

Officer Claims Hazing in Court-Martial

Here (from is the first case I have ever heard of an officer claiming hazing by his fellow “wardroom” members.  Trial is scheduled for Sep. 24, 2012 at Ft. Carson.

3 Responses to “Military Justice News for Wednesday, Sep. 19, 2012”

  1. k fischer says:

    Sounds like Major Garabino is setting up a nice equal protection argument for the appellate courts to decide.  According to SAPR training, a woman who consumes one drink loses all accountability for her decisions regarding sexual acts, but a man cannot use the same defense that he was forced to drink to excess to explain his poor decision making. 

    If you are rolling your eyes because Major Garabino’s defense sounds like major garabago, then you should roll your eyes at SAPR training when you are taught that a woman having one drink leaves her to drunk to consent.

  2. Dew_Process says:

    “Good order and discipline?”  Nope.

    “Command responsibility?”  Nope.

    “Unlawful ‘command’ influence?”  Nope

    “Animal House?”  Yes indeed!!  “Be all that you can be!”

  3. Some Army Guy says:

    So, I’ve read the article twice, and…

    What was MAJ Garbarino charged with?