WaPo’s website has this A.P. article reporting that a Marine staff sergeant and a Marine sergeant will be court-martialed as a result of the incident in Afghanistan in which Marines were videotaped urinating on the corpses of a Taliban combatants.

5 Responses to “2 Marines to be court-martialed for urination on corpses incident”

  1. SgtDad says:

    SNCO’s?  There are SNCO’s that stupid in my Marine Corps?  Wow!  I assume Charge #1 is that the good S/Sgt lacks the basic common sense required to lead Marines.  The Gunny & Skipper feel pretty let down, methinks.

  2. Babu says:

    SecDef’s comments about the incident when it first came to light:  “I have seen the footage, and I find the behavior depicted in it utterly deplorable . . . Those found to have engaged in such conduct will be held accountable to the fullest extent.”  

    How exactly was the CA supposed to make an independent disciplinary decision after that? I  would hope that the first defense motion is UCI. The detailed DCs should check out the briefs in Hutchins, which can be found here:  http://www.armfor.uscourts.gov/newcaaf/calendar/2012-11.htm#13

  3. Damocles says:

    Babu – those comments are what any responsible Secretary of Defense would say and don’t approach anything inappropriate, despite defense briefs to the contrary.

  4. Harm Rabb says:

    One suggested SecDef comment/response could have been, “As this is/potentially is a legal matter, it would be inappropriate for someone in my position to comment.”

  5. Just Sayin' says:

    Babu, fail.
    UCI prohibitions exist for a reason.  Whatever happened to “we take allegations of this nature very seriously.  The incident will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate action will be taken”