Today’s separate posts linking to the oral arguments in the first five cases of the term isn’t a ploy to increase our post count: it’s a new technique to enable us to provide you with an oral argument audio podcast.

The podcast is an experiment, and your feedback is appreciated. We’re also going to watch access stats, so you can vote by subscribing.

Some caveats:

-The audio files are hosted on the court’s website. The podcast will (at least for now) link to the court’s site, and not to a mirror of the content.

-The podcast might not be compatible with iTunes. Best I can tell, this is a common problem that is caused by a March 2012 iTunes policy change to server configuration requirements (requiring byte-range requests). I spent a few hours troubleshooting before I gave up, thoroughly reminded of why I don’t like Apple products (though they are pretty). If anyone successfully accesses the podcast through iTunes, please let me know.

-The podcast will, eventually, link to arguments at the CCAs, and other notable cases.

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