Lots o’ military justice news, but not a lot o’ No Man time.  Alright, here we go.  The short, short version. (Do you? Yes. Do you? Yes. Good. You’re married. Kiss her!)

  • SSGT Bales hearing updates:  Here (KING 5 News, the accused’s wife’s perspective), here (Seattle Times), here (LA Times).
  • SGT Hurst court-martial in PVT Chen suicide:  Here and here (Fayetteville Observer).
  • Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair Art. 32 hearing:  Here (Marine Corps Times) and here (ABC News)
  • Lt. Col. James H. Wilkerson, former Aviano IG, sentenced in his court-martial:  Here (Air Force Times).
  • MAJ Nidal Hasan and Ft. Hood shooting victims:  Here (Reuters, victims sue DoD) and here (AP via FoxNews).

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