The publisher of the Manual for Courts-Martial won’t change, see coverage here.

Charges are dismissed in the case of SGT Jeffrey Hurst, who is facing a court-martial related to the death of PVT Danny Chen. Coverage from the Ft. Bragg Patch here.

Much news on the continuing SSGT Robert Bales Art. 32, here (TN-T FOB Tacoma Blog), here (AP via St. Louis P-D), and here (Seattle Times) to link a few.

Continuing coverage of the BGEN Sinclair Art. 32 and testimony of his accuser fro AP (via WaPo) here.

The San Francisco Chronicle has coverage (here) of the Art. 32 for an AF Academy cadet accused of “sodomy,attempted sodomy and aggravated sexual conduct.” The Chronicle reports that “Daniels [a Cadet Second Class (junior)] is one of at least five cadets charged with sexual misconduct this year. One was convicted and sentenced to prison and another had charges dropped. The other three cases are still in the military court.”

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