From CNN, here:

CIA Director David Petraeus submitted his resignation to President Barack Obama citing personal reasons, a U.S. government source tells CNN Intelligence Correspondent Suzanne Kelly. The source said Petraeus admitted to an extramarital affair and that is why he is resigning.

WaPo blog has similar coverage (though not mentioning the extramarital affair part)  here.  Is General Petraeus still in the military and subject to UCMJ, Art. 134 and MCM pt. IV para. 62.b?  He wears his uniform, so I guess so . Duh moment, forgot he is retired so, yes, Art. 2(a)(4), UCMJ, h/t to Zee.

22 Responses to “Breaking News: General Petraeus Resigning as CIA Director”

  1. Zachary Spilman says:

    There’s always Article 2(a)(4).

  2. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    You are right, he retired last year:

    Petraeus will retire from the Army on Aug. 31 and assume his new duties as central intelligence director Sept. 6, the spokesman said.

    DoD News here.

  3. Cloudesley Shovell says:

    ZS beat me to it, but it doesn’t matter whether Gen. Petraeus is active duty or retired.  He’s subject to the UCMJ until he dies, per UCMJ 2(a)(4).  
    Chances of a prosecution?  Zero. 

  4. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Thanks CS and Zee, I just plain forgot he retired.  The image I always have of  Petraeus is one that looks like Vice Admiral James Greer (who I know was the Deputy Director), sitting in his uniform at Langley. 

  5. Dew_Process says:

    Service in Afghanistan has greatly affected the General Officer Corps . . . .

  6. Charlie Gittins says:

    I’d just like to know more facts.  Who was the woman?  Did the affair start while he was a GO.  Did it involve a relationship with a former military subordinate who ended up with a job at CIA with him?  Did he suddenly come clean because he had a revelation or was he forced to resign because his wife or his girlfriend was about to “out” him publicly.  I’d just like to know more since an extra-marital affair is something that can (and does) lose military personnel much more junior and in less sensitive positions their security clearances.  I wonder if his clearance will be suspended pending revocation . . . but I suspect not.  

  7. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Here is the resignation letter explanation to CIA employees.

  8. Christopher Mathews says:

    Reading between the lines here, it was his biographer, Paula Broadwell.

  9. WWJD says:

    Image searches for Paula Broadwell also show Petraeus.
    Need more facts.  Did this conduct start while he was still Active Duty?
    Anybody notice the timing of this announcement?  Seems interesting…

  10. Christopher Mathews says:

    I noticed it was on 11/9, which is obviously 9/11 backwards.  Other than that, no.

    Or was there something else? 

  11. k fischer says:


    WWJD was probably referring to the Director’s scheduled testimony in front of Congress regarding Benghazi.  

    It’s funny how the FBI started investigating whether or not unauthorized personnel had access to his e-mails, then he resigns and admits that he had an extramarital affair.  MG Fiscus accused the Bush administration of going through his e-mails and finding some female with whom he was friends with to accuse him of an extramarital affair in retaliation to MG Fiscus’ stance on torture, as well as sharing his views with Senators McCain and Graham.  COL (r) Fiscus has a website here:

    Makes you wonder if someone in the administration told the Director to play ball on this Benghazi thing or they will disclose that he had an affair, so the Director resigned as a message that he would not be blackmailed.   Excuse me while I adjust my tin-foil hat………

  12. Christopher Mathews says:

    kf –

    Alas, I tend not to think in terms of conspiracies.  I had assumed that the FBI was investigating an unauthorized access to his his emails, and in that investigation found evidence linking him to his paramour. 

    I do like the idea, though, that the real villain here is “someone” in the administration and the real issue is the “Benghazi thing.”  The best thing about this explanation is that it requires no evidence — in fact, lack of evidence will be the strongest evidence of all!  So much more exciting than leaving it just another case of human weakness. 

  13. Phil Cave says:

    Agree with Chris.  I did find the Fiscus site interesting — for a moment.

  14. k fischer says:


    Lack of evidence is the strongest evidence?  You are starting to sound like a couple of military prosecutors I’ve gone up against.

    On a side note, I just watched Platoon while cleaning my office for the 33rd time.  Near the end of the movie, the deer Chris Taylor sees when he wakes up after they dropped the napalm and just before he kills Barnes represents Elias.  

  15. WWJD says:

    I was referring to Benghazi and also, more broadly, the election cycle.
    It appears that investigation was not shared until the Election – so conspiracy or not we know that the timing was withheld until election day.
    I tend to agree with you, I do not believe that there was a conspiracy to make him resign for Benghazi, but there was definitely a concerted effort to withhold the investigation until after the election.
    Which, considering how it could have been used politically, was a good thing.  But don’t pretend that politics did not play a role.

  16. stewie says:

    I guess I’m confused, is the argument here that only Petraeus knew some secret about Benghazi and no one else, thus getting him to resign because of an affair (that appears to be true) was a sneaky plot to cover it up (even though he could walk down to Congress tomorrow and still testify)?

    I like CTs as much as the next guy, but right now aliens kidnapped Elvis is still slightly more plausible.

  17. Christopher Mathews says:

    WWJD –

    Apparently, the investigation wasn’t much of a secret.  House majority leader Eric Cantor spoke with the FBI about it prior to the election.  Spokesman: House majority leader knew of Petraeus matter in October.  Another Republican congressman, Dave Reichert, had some knowledge as well.

    If the administration made a “concerted effort to withhold” the information until after the election, they did so with bipartisan support. 


    The aliens took Elvis to Benghazi.  I read it on Drudge, so it must be true.



  18. WWJD says:

    Thanks for the info.
    Why is Cantor saying he knew about it, but Feinstein is claiming it was like “a lighting bolt”.  Apparently she knew nothing of it.
    I’m not saying that it was a conspiracy – I’m just saying the timing is weird.  Then again if released before the election people would say the same thing.

  19. Dwight Sullivan says:

    According to this article, a friend of General Pataeus says the affair didn’t start until he was the CIA Director.

  20. Dwight Sullivan says:

    WWJD, here’s an article that explains how House Majority Leader Cantor learned of the affair in October:–knew-of-petraeus-matter-in-october-spokesman-says

  21. Michael Keyes says:

    He was her dissertation advisor (the dissertation was about him), his biographer, and evidentally a Reserve officer during this time although it is unclear if she served with him. They have known each other for at least five years according to the WSJ article.  He managed to get her embedded as a journalist even though she was not one at the time (if she ever was one.) It appears that there is a long and entangled history between the two of them.

    I’m not sure it any of this is germane but apparently the FBI found classified documents on her computer whicch lead to the discovery of the affair.  I suspect that most of the Congress didn’t know about this because the speed of light can be measured by how fast Congress leaks classified material it receives.  Just look at what Rep. Darrel Issa did when he revealed the names of some of our assets in Libya in his hurry to get documents out by not redacting them. (It happens on both sides of the aisle, I might add.)

    The Wall Street Journal article:

  22. WWJD says:

    Thanks DS!

    That fills in the blanks.  The Ole anomynous whistle-blower.  But it appears that the FBI agent trusted Cantor more than Feinstein.

    Adjusting my tin-foil hat to factor in the John-Edwards conspiracy (Aides apparently meant with Barack’s VP election members to warn them not to pursue Edwards because of the Affair) I would suspect similiarly this info may have been leaked to warn Romney not to pursue the General as a VP canidate.

    That is what my tin-foil hat is telling me.