PFC Manning Speedy Trial Hearing Coverage
Firedoglake is liveblogging, here, this week’s PFC Manning speedy trial motion hearing. The Special Court-Martial Convening Authority testified at the hearing yesterday. Funniest update:

UPDATE – 12:30 PM EST According to tweets from @WikiLeaksTruck, a guard at the visitor’s gate to Fort Meade has been telling public attending the hearing that Manning should be taken out back and shot.

More on the plea offer from the defense, here.

Hasan Appeal Filed
Hasan has filed his appeal at CAAF, see here, for whatever that is worth. OFL posted the pleadings in this post yesterday.

BGEN Sinclair Closing Arguments
The Fayetteville Observer, here, has a summary of the last day of the Art. 32 hearing for BGEN Jeffrey Sinclair. Closing arguments were, as usual, brief. Though a 90 minute closing argument wouldn’t have been brief in any 32 I ran. I would have brought out the old wrap it up signal at about 30 min.

USAFA Sexual Assault Case Art. 32
More on the Art. 32 in the latest USAFA sexual misconduct case for AP (via AF Times) here.

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