SGT Russell Hearings Day 2
Reuters reports, here, that SGT John Russell’s defense expert testified yesterday that he was psychotic when he shot and killed five fellow servicemembers outside a combat stress clinic in Iraq. The military judge will determine which mental health evidence is admissible at Russell’s mid-March 2012 court-martial the report says.

Mixed Findings in PVT Chen Related Court- Martial
The Fayetteville Observer reports, here, that SSGT Andrew Van Bockel “was convicted late Tuesday of hazing [PVT Daniel Chen], a soldier who committed suicide while under his command in Afghanistan last year; being derelict in duty by allowing Chen to be hazed by others; and maltreating Chen by calling him by racially disparaging names and forcing him to speak Chinese instead of English.” Sentencing arguments are scheduled to begin at 8 am today.

Brits up in arms over SAS soldier’s sentence
Here and here are just a few reports about the review of a British SAS soldier’s court-martial for possession of a weapon in his home. 

BBC reports:

Nightingale pleaded guilty at a court martial earlier this month to illegal possession of a 9mm Glock pistol and ammunition, which were found by West Mercia Police at his Hereford accommodation.

Friends and family say the soldier did not pack the pistol himself and a brain injury meant he had forgotten it was still among his belongings.

Transcripts shown to the BBC revealed about 300 rounds of live ammunition were also found in another box on the premises.

Former SAS soldiers, including the authors Andy McNab and Chris Ryan, and MP Patrick Mercer are among those who argue Nightingale’s sentence, which he is serving at the Military Corrective Training Centre in Colchester, was too harsh.

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