Manning Unlawful PTC Hearing
Here (CBS), here (WaPo), and here (Baltimore Sun) are articles covering the Manning pre-trial hearing on unlawful pre-trial confinement issues.

Caldwell Argument Coverage
Here is Army Times coverage of yesterday’s United States v. Caldwell oral argument. Times writer Andrew Tilghman reports that Caldwell’s attorney argued the injustice of prosecuting a failed suicide attempt, ” “If [Caldwell] had succeeded,like 3,000 service members have in the past decade,he would have been treated like his service was honorable,his family would have received a letter of condolence from the president and his death would have been considered in the line of duty. Because he failed,he was prosecuted.”  Here is our Caldwell coverage page.

Women Sue to Be in Combat
Several reports (e.g. WaPo here) about a lawsuit by a group of four women, including two Marine Corps officers, are suing DoD for moving too slowly in changing service bans on women in combat. The women allege that they have de facto served in combat but are being hurt in career advancement by the policy.

General Allen Investigation Narrows
Here is NYT coverage of the ongoing IG review of emails between General Allen and a Florida woman that worked with CENTCOM senior leaders in a social capacity.

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