Houston Chornicle reports here that the Army has named COL Tara Osborn as the militayr judge to preside over the MAJ Nidal Hasan court-martial after the ouster of COL Gross.  See our prior coverage here and here.  COL Osborn presided over the SGT Joseph Bosicevich capital trial and non-capital sentencing in 2011, see Marine Corps Times stopry here.  More recently she presided over the case of SSGT Van Bockel, one of the accused in the PVT Chen suicide related cases.  See coverage here (CAAFlog) and here(FayObs).  She was also the Chair of the Military Courts Committee of the American Bar Association’s National Conference of Specialized Court Judges (now the District 4 representative after some re-organization). She was also the subject of a CAAF writ in the Bozicevich case, coverage here and DJ entry here.

8 Responses to “COL Osborn Named as Hasan Court-Martial Judge”

  1. Bill C says:

    She is a good choice.  A fair but firm judge. I have always enjoyed practicing in front of her, and felt my client got a fair shake.

  2. Phil Cave says:


  3. Charlie Gittins says:

    I did my first DP case at the same time she did hers in the Bozicevich case last year.  She’ll run a tight ship, and is unlikely to blunder into the mistakes being made by her predecessor.   

  4. k fischer says:

    Early this year at a court-martial at Benning, she said to all the counsel in an 802 before we called the panel, “I let the counsel try the case how they see fit.  It is up to them to choose how to present their case and what objections they make.  I do not tend to interrupt.”

    She was true to her word, and she fit my 2 simple criteria for being a great judge:  (1) she ruled according to the law and (2) I had no idea whether she thought my client was guilty or not guilty. 


  5. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Veritable lovefest over in this corner of the interweb (and from some unlikely corners, no less–admit it CG, you don’t exactly ♥ the judiciary every day).  Next thing you know someone will be nominating COL Osborn for TG status!

  6. k fischer says:

    I nominate COL Osborn for TG.  

    What is TG status?  I really hope that doesn’t mean “Top Gun” status because in that court martial I referenced above, I told the panel that the accused defended himself when the alleged victim wrote a check his body couldn’t cash.  

  7. k fischer says:

    **alleged victim’s ego wrote a check his body couldn’t cash.

  8. Just Sayin' says:

    Stand by for motion to require COL Osburn to wear a hijab in the presence of the accused.