Here is coverage of yesterday’s hearing, including testimony from the Marine Corps’ Chief of Corrections that Manning was improperly held on suicide prevention status for a few days.  And, here, is the Quantico Brig commander’s response today:

Averhart acknowledged that military regulations required him to remove Manning from highly restrictive suicide watch upon a psychiatrist’s recommendation. He says he didn’t do so immediately, on two occasions, because of Manning’s history of anxiety, depression and suicidal gestures.

I am sure there will be more later.

7 Responses to “More Manning Media”

  1. Bill C says:

    This is beginning to remind me of the Mike Myers “Sprockets” skit on SNL.  “I am bored with you.”   

  2. Lieber says:

    It’d be really nice if the media understood the difference between officers and NCO’s…no one on the Classification and Assignment Board was an officer.  (I should note that both the Washington Post and the New York Times are pretty good on this.)

  3. SgtDad says:

    I am no fan of this bozo (Manning) & he can rot in (wherever), for all I care.  That said, when I read of the conditions of confinement here & other sites, I was disturbed.  Solitary confinement, constant sleep disruptions, naked inspections, etc. strike me as being more punitive than protective.  This is especially disturbing because, as yet, he’s guilty of nothing.

  4. Tami says:

    What is the purpose of not letting someone on suicide watch have toilet paper?  How does someone hurt or kill himself with toilet paper?  I agree w/ SgtDad–I’m not a Manning fan either, but seriously, taking away toilet paper?  Good grief!

  5. Phil Cave says:

    You swallow it so that you end up choking and suffocating to death.  Assuming someone isn’t checking on you every now and again.

  6. Soonergrunt says:

    A prisoner in the Camp Pendleton Brig committed suicide by suffocation with toilet paper in 2009.  That prisoner was on suicide watch.

    “A sailor who committed suicide in the Camp Pendleton brig while being held on suspicion of murdering a fellow sailor had twice tried to end his life before while in military custody, it was reported Tuesday.
    Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan Campos, 32, of Lancaster, was on suicide watch in a cell that was monitored with closed-circuit video when he choked himself to death with toilet paper last Friday.”

  7. Lieber says:


    Years ago I personally performed the Heimlich maneuver on someone who was choking to death on toilet paper.  Read some death reports and it will amaze you the creative ways humans can die.