[Updated] Last Call. Drink Up! Smoke ’em if you got ’em. Etc., etc., etc.

Going to try something novel this year.  I am taking noinations for the Top Ten Military Justice Stories of 2012.  Leave comments on this post or on our Facebook page, here, with your nominations.  Much like all those reality shows, the audience votes only count for an undisclosed portion of the final rankings and we reserve the right to send you home for bad suggestions.

10 Responses to “Top Ten Military Justice Stories Time Again [Last Call]”

  1. michael korte says:

    I just received permission to forcibly shave anyone who nominates LTC Lakin.

  2. Dwight Sullivan says:

    Teddy winning a race has to make the list.

  3. Peanut Gallery says:

    What do US v. Fosler, a tornado, and a divorce in Arkansas have in common?

    No matter what, somebody’s gonna lose a trailer.

    And with that, Fosler and its trailer park gets my vote for much ado about nothing.       

  4. michael korte says:

    …That awkward moment when you try to ‘like’ a COL Sullivan blog comment…

  5. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Ok, I don’t want to hear anyone complain about our Top 10 list this year and the autocratic way in which we decide on the order and contestants.  Four comments in 3 days, really people?  I think y’all just like to complain and know that if you actually pony up and nominate something you can’t later complain that it made the Top 10. 

  6. Michael Lowrey says:

    For your consideration: 1. Low number of CAAF grants for the 2011/2012 term.
    2. Still only four regular judges on CAAF/impact of the alternative SJ due of Cox and Effron.
    3. Manning case
    4. Ali

  7. John Baker says:

    I’m know I’m more than a little biased, but I was very disappointed last year when the establishment of the Marine Corps Defense Services Organization did not make your top ten last year, how about the the reorganizaation of the entire Marine Corps legal community getting on the top ten this year?

  8. Zachary Spilman says:

    Criminalizing suicide: United States v. Caldwell

    Sexual assault, “sexual assault“, sexual assault?, VWAP, and the command response

    Senior officer misconduct, and misconduct, and misconduct, and misconduct, and misconduct, and…

    Article 120 (2012)

    United States v. Ali (prosecute the civilians too)

    United States v. Behenna (Brady? You mean like Tom Brady, right?)

    United States v. Hayes (AF) (obeying all local ordinances just might not be a custom of the service)

    So ends the Haditha cases. . .

    10th anniversary of a grant of certiorari in a military case.

    Elements? He don’t need no stinking elementsHe don’t neither

    Charlie Gittins retires from military justice.

  9. Ama Goste says:

    What ZS said:


    Legal disclaimer–I don’t necessarily agree with everything posited in the above article.

  10. Frank Rosenblatt says:

    1.  Secretary Panetta sets up Defense Legal Policy Review Board.  (Change is in the air).
    2.  “The Invisible War” puts more focus on judicial responses to sexual assault in the military.  Secdef in response sets new withholding policy.
    3.  BG Martins sells Military Commissions to legal community and public at large.