In what still isn’t – yet – a military justice story…

Fresh on the heels of publication of DoD Directive 3000.09 dated November 21, 2012: Autonomy in Weapon Systems, comes the apparent demise of the production of a DoD Law of War Manual. Says Lawfare:

Last week in DC, the ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security put on its annual “review of the field” conference.  It was a great event, as always.  One of the highlights was a very interesting speech delivered by Hays Parks, who among many other achievements in a long and distinguished career had taken the lead in the multi-year process of producing a DOD Law of War Manual.  The effort to publish that manual now appears to be dead in the water, for better or worse, and the speech Hays gave at last week’s meeting is something of a post-mortem providing his view as to why things stalled.

Let’s just hope that the machines don’t read Shakespeare.

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