Here (AP via Denver Post) and here (Colorado Springs Gazette) is coverage of the court-martial of SGT Vincinte Jackson.  According to reports, Jackson is accused of choking and stabbing to death SPC Brandy Fonteneaux in her barracks room at Ft. Carson.  The dfense contends the sergeant has mental health defenses, related to a shrapnel wound he received in Iraq, including a combination of sleep deprivation and intoxication from alcohol and prescription medications.  Jackson, according to the Gazette, attempted suicide the same day as the killing, leaving a note apologizing for his actions.

One Response to “Barracks Murder Court-Martial Begins at Ft. Carson”

  1. Peanut Gallery says:

    Why didn’t they just prosecute him for attempting suicide?  Oh, I forgot, he’s not in the Navy/Marine Corps.
    On a more serious note, there is some very interesting data about sleep deprivation and its effects.  Very eye-opening (no pun intended).