This Washington Times story speaks for itself:

The Marine Corps has issued new rules for randomly testing its warriors twice yearly with a Breathalyzer to make sure they are not drunk on duty.

The Dec. 12 memo from Corps headquarters at the Pentagon said test kits are being shipped to commanders, including those in war zones, and spells out steps to take if a Marine registers a blood-alcohol content of .01 or higher in the test.

The random mandatory testing is called the Alcohol Screening Program (ASP).

“The ASP provides an opportunity for commanders to identify those individuals in need of alcohol abuse/misuse training, counseling and/or treatment … Commanders shall ensure that all Marines and sailors in their commands are tested twice per year,” the memo states.

Navy and Marine officials said in March the military branches would begin alcohol screening in addition to the already mandated urinalysis to counter drug abuse.

The Dec. 12 memo explains how a new bureaucracy will be created to carry out the testing and, perhaps, discipline.

3 Responses to “Marine Corps founded in a bar, not employed there”

  1. Phil Cave says:

    Isn’t 0.01 within the range of error in breathalyzers?
    Certain ice creams can cause at least that level.

  2. Brian Bouffard says:

    Oh, there will be discipline.  No “perhaps” about it.

  3. Cloudesley Shovell says:

    I called upon my friends at Google, and discovered this article about drinking and airline pilots.
    According to USA Today anyway, the alcohol limit under federal regulation for airline pilots is 0.04, the same level that the Marines have established for requiring a fitness-for-duty exam.  Interesting.