This is one of those spot an error tests, okay, actually, it is spot the screwed up things about these Air Force policies.  I count four (at least):

An airman has been found not guilty of intentionally failing his PT test so that he could he could get out of the Air Force and collect nearly $10,000 in involuntary separation pay.

Prosecutors accused Staff Sgt. Coty T. Ferguson of bragging that he planned to fail the PT test so that he would be demoted, forcing the Air Force to boot him because he would be over his high-year tenure limit. You can read about his court-martial in this week’s Air Force Times.

Also this week: Only 10 months shy of retirement, Staff Sgt. Scotty Pigg may face dismissal because his waist measurement is half an inch more than the Air Force allows.

The 19-year veteran had no problem with the situps, pushups and 1.5-mile run portions of the PT test, but he has struggled to meet the waist requirements of the tougher physical training standards introduced in 2010.

In other news, the Air Force plans to shorten the basic officer training course from 12 weeks to nine in 2013. The move is meant to increase the number of officers who graduate the course.

Someone maybe court-martial the officer that created a system with perverse incentives like a $10,000 bonus and normal HYT separation when demoted for failing 3 PT tests?  H/t k fischer

4 Responses to “Air Force Follies”

  1. GC says:

    The fact that the airman being separated for his girth is named “Pigg” makes me think this whole post is a premature April Fools’ Day submission.  

  2. k fischer says:

    I’ll take your challenge:
    1.  Why are they referring to an AF NCO as an “airman?”
    2.  Staff Sgt. Pigg cannot be dismissed because he is not an officer.
    3.  Why does the Air Force measure a person’s waist?  Is the AF full of Jerry Seinfeldesque types who lament the fact that they can no longer wear Levis with a 30 inch waist?  Why not measure body fat?  Apparently, Pigg can meet the physical performance requirements, but the AF is kicking him out for purely cosmetic reasons.
    4.  So, if the AF is going to court martial Ferguson for intentionally failing a PT test in order to get kicked out of the AF with separation pay, then couldn’t they court martial Scott Pigg for intentionally eating like a……..wait for it…….Pig, or an unmarried female Soldier for intentionally having unprotected sex and getting pregnant, so she can get kicked out of the Army?
    5.  So, it is pretty clear that the powers to be think that our military is over-strengthed, which is why they are kicking out 19 year enlisted Servicemembers, of the Air Force for crying out loud, for being overweight. Yet, they are shortening AF BOTC so more officers can graduate the course?  So, who’s going to do all the work?
    This court martial ranks right up there with prosecuting a Servicemember because they failed to be successful in their suicide attempt or prosecuting at court martial two Soldiers for taking, fixing up, and attempting to sell 13 chocolate leather sofas that the Government set out in the rain for over 30 days and were going to throw away.  Or, it is similar to the Government arguing at sentencing that accused caused a hardship on the unit because they had to provide a bailiff and escorts for the court-martial.
    Has someone read the actual article about this case?  What did the Government charge Ferguson with? Intentional dereliction of duty?

  3. Cloudesley Shovell says:

    Anyone else remember “food for freedom?”

  4. AF_DC says:

    SSgt Pigg is a real person. Promise.