The WaPo story (here)says it all:

The Defense Department has launched a worldwide investigation into hiring practices at military child-care centers after a criminal probe of employees at an Army base near the Pentagon sparked a review that found more than 30 staffers who officials say should have been barred from contact with children.

Two civilian employees at the Child Development Center at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall appeared in federal court Wednesday in Alexandria to face charges of assaulting 2-year-olds in their care.

. . .

[Secretary of the Army John] McHugh has ordered an Army-wide review of day-care management. “These initial findings are not only troubling, they are unacceptable,” the Army secretary said in a statement. “We will make certain that adequate policies and procedures are in place.”

Two workers at the day-care center at the base known as Fort Myer were recorded by surveillance cameras dragging, pinching, kneeing and taunting toddlers, according to federal court records. . . .

A personnel review at Fort Myer began in the fall after a parent complained about an allegedly abusive caregiver.

The inquiry turned up evidence that at least 31 staffers had potentially disqualifying factors in their records, including history of drug use and past allegations of assault, a U.S. official familiar with the investigation said. The staffers have been suspended.

I am almost certain there is more to come.

One Response to “Criminal Probe of One Army Daycare Leads to Worldwide Questions”

  1. Ama Goste says:

    I suggest someone FOIA the CDC records for the past 7 years at CAAFlog’s current day job location.  The incidents will shock a lot of people.  Of course, the military CDCs have historically won all sorts of awards for being better than civilian facilities.