Bales Capital Referral
Many more reports on the Bales capital referral. Here (Reuters) and here (NPR Blog) are a few. The Reuters story has a quote from the defense counsel taking issue with the capital referral because their client has an “unspecified” mental health issue. This could be a result of the reporting, but if the mental health issue is unspecified how could the CA rely on that to avoid referring crimes that appear to the rest of us to be capital offenses? Here is a link to the charge sheet and CA announcement.

Sinclair Referral
The happiest guy on the planet about the Bales referral has got to be General Sinclair, whose own referral dropped to page 3 as a result of the Bales case. Here is some additional coverage at Navy Times.

Hits Keep on Coming in Sexual Assault Stats for Academies
AP reports (via Navy Times) here that a recent DoD report shows reported sexual assaults at the nation’s service academies up by 23% in 2012. Whether that is because of more reporting or more assaults is not known. The AP story says that most of the reports were the confidential variety that did not result in law enforcement action.

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