There are high winds lashing Casa CAAFlog today, with the possibility of resulting power outages.  But if the electricity stays on and I don’t encounter unexpected demands on my time later today, this evening we’ll start our annual top-10 list of the military justice stories of the year.

This CAAFlog end o’ year tradition traces its roots to New Year’s Eve 2007, when we ran a contest to name the military justice story of the year.  JO’C won.

The next year, for reasons that remain shrouded in mystery, some of us thought it would be a good idea to come up with a whole top-10 list of military justice stories of the year.  We named the legal aftermath of the Haditha incident the 2008 military justice story of the year.

By 2010, the end o’ year top-10 list had become CAAFlog’s version of the fruitcake:  a holiday season tradition devoid of joy that persists based solely on a sense of duty.  2010’s military justice story of the year was the debate over whether the military justice system can function in a combat environment.

Last year offered a stripped-down version of the NIMJblog-CAAFlog top-10 list, with the 10 items crammed into 7 posts.  The number one military justice story of 2011 was “Sex, Crimes and UCMJ.”

This year, we plan to return to a full 10-post format (actually, a 13-post format if we count  the No Man’s call for nominations, Zack’s honorable mentions, and this post.) As Zack previously mentioned, we had a spirited debate about which stories should (and shouldn’t) make the top-10 list.  Ultimately, our Top-10 Czar — the No Man — ended the controversy by czarist decree. We plan to bring you the full results between now and sometime around New Year’s Day.

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