As we draw the white sheet over 2012 (or tip the board over the gunwhale — pick your grim imagery), I’d like to offer thanks to the hardy few (you know who they are) who keep CAAFlog going throughout the year with timely, important, well-written, smart, and reliable news and commentary. The end-o’-the-year top 10 are only the tip of the iceberg. For readers of CAAFlog, I hope more of you will post comments, especially using your own names. Come on in; the water’s fine.

2 Responses to “For CAAFlog Readers”

  1. Frank Rosenblatt says:

    Professor Fidell, 
    i couldn’t agree more.  I know that lots of judge advocates are regular readers of this site, but few post with their names.  Perhaps leaders from the service JAG branches need to send the message to their formations that active attributed participation on these professional sites is not just tolerated but encouraged.

  2. Chris Connor says:

    I am one of those frequent readers who never posts, until now. Thank you for an excellent resource!