Numbers 2 and 3 on our list have multiple things in common, including overlap with both #9 on this year’s list and being on previous year’s lists.  And while the Kabul Klipper thought the Manning case wasn’t news last year (though I did), it was certainly this year.  To recap:

So a big news year . . . oh wait, I almost forgot, stuff actually happened in his court-martial too!!!

It has been a busy year for PFC Manning.  And with a trial date set for mid-March (so says LA Times, here), I would not be surprised if the case ends up on another Top 10 list next year.  Stay tuned, the next scheduled session is an Art. 39a session on Jan. 8, 2013 at Ft. Meade.  Maybe we’ll find out the result of the unlawful pre-trial confinement motion, which I think could be an interesting legal decision rather than just a media spectacle.

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