It was widely reported today (see, e.g., here) that Major General William K. Suter (Ret.) will retire as the Supreme Court’s Clerk of Court in August.  We salute General Suter for his exceptionally distinguished 50-year career as a public servant.  He’s a great friend to military lawyers everywhere.

9 Responses to “Speaking of the Supremes . . . .”

  1. DB Cooper says:

    General Suter graciously hosted hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of judge advocates at the SCOTUS swearing in ceremony.  He will be missed.

  2. FrontRange says:

    Quite a gentleman

  3. westpointquaker says:

    Best clerk ever.  True officer and gentleman.  Will be almost impossible to replace.  Will be sorely missed.   

  4. Dew_Process says:

    On good authority, he also took hundreds of new law clerks under his wing every new Term and oriented them about the Court and Clerk’s office.  He and his staff have always had time to answer some of the arcane questions that arise in SCOTUS practice – a valuable comodity in any Court.

  5. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Say what you willabout the Court or the Justices, I don;t think anyone will disagree that the SCOTUS Clerk’s office is on of th best run organizations in the legal world. They are user friendly and receptive to attorney questions about procedure. I don;t think they have ever punted on a procedure question when I have called.

  6. Don Rehkopf says:

    Concur with “No Man.”  Some years back, I was a named amici party in Hamdi v. Rumsfeld, part of a group loosely demoninated “Experts on the Law of War,” when I was approached by an individual who was not an attorney, but who had authored and printed at his own expense a fairly decent amicus brief, which ironically, the Court will not accept pro se pleadings from non-lawyer amici unless there’s a “counsel of record.”  I called General Suter who put me in contact with one of the technical folks because he was sympathetic to this guy paying out of his own pocket for a printed Brief.  She talked to the printing company that came up with labels that were then stuck on the the briefs indicating that I was “Counsel of Record,” after Gen. Suter went and talked to the C.J. to see if there was any type of conflictwith me being both an amici party as well as counsel for another amicus on the same side.   Suter’s secretary called me back and said everything was a “go.”  Let’s hope his replacement is done on merit as well.

  7. Interested Onlooker says:

    I’m afraid there is one who will disagree about the SCOTUS Clerk’s office: Orly “screech let me feeneesh screech” Taitz :-)
    Complaints about Suter and his staff losing her filings, forging the signature of justices, etc. are frequent in her playpen.  I’m sure not having anything to do with Orly will be one of the highlights of retirement for the general!

  8. anonymous senior defense counsel with the initials nm says:

    Right on DB Cooper.  He made a point of taking time to chat for a few minutes with myself and some other JAGs I was with when we went to watch an argument a couple years ago.  I remembered how impressed we were with his efforts to make us feel comfortable.  He really helped us feel welcome.  I’m sad to see him go and hope he enjoys retirement.

  9. michael korte says:

    Right before I left for law school General Suter took me around the Supreme Court for about 2 hours and talked to me about the place.  Incredibly memorable visit but for him it was just “Monday” I was just amazed he would take the time, b/c it was easy to see he was a very busy man.  Not sure how you replace someone like him, but they will need to try.