So the CAAF Conference is Mar. 6-7, 2013 (preceded, as usual, by the Code Committee meeting on Mar. 5, 2013), registration form here (which, unbelievably, you still have to mail in).  Zee made a great suggestion this weekend, have a happy hour after day 1 of the conference.  All of our readers would be invited, no host, nothing free, just a gathering at a local watering hole (possibly the San Antonio Bar and Grill in Brookland).  Wanted to gauge interest.  Not to discourage anyone, but I would probably attend just to put a face with a name to a few people.  Any interest?  Maybe we could even swing a CAAFlog t-shirt . . . if you can prove you are the real identity of some of our most mysterious pseudononymous commenters.  [poll id=”2″]

6 Responses to “CAAF Conference Mar. 6-7, 2013 and Happy Hour (?)”

  1. Lieber says:

    Happy Hour possibly.  But I won’t attend any event that requires snail mail.  I mean seriously.   (Which has led to some amusement when the Army has sent me something by registered mail with the result that I never receive it since that would require going to the post office.)

  2. ConLaw says:

    it takes a special person to vote “no, I would not attend.”  not ignore the poll for that reason, but rather affirmatively vote no.  

  3. Dew_Process says:

    “No Man” – you left out an important category!!
    [X]  Yes, I’ll attend the Happy Hour, but not the CAAF Conference.
    Seriously!  What happened to the concept of a CAAF Conference being about CAAF “Best” Practices and procedures or the burning issues in military justice practice today, e.g., the sexual assault monomania, etc., or even what “factors” does CAAF reallylook at when it is deciding whether to grant review.

  4. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Dew–We are long past that question.  Ever since Chief Judge Effron took the helm its been a potpurri of military law topics.  Since there really is no other annual military specific CLE conference I’ve never had an objection to it.  Though I do think they should have at least one “judges” panel where the CAAF judges (or at least some of them) talk about practice issues and trends–the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit judges do it in the government contracts area.  I haven’t seen the schedule, so maybe they will have one this year. 

  5. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    ConLaw–No hurt feelings here.  I wouldn’t have put the buttons if we didn;t want to count the votes.

  6. Phil Cave says:

    Was a time when the conference was good for the 12 annual hours needed for VA CLE credit.
    Was a time when 0 credit was given.
    Recently, I think last year we got 5 hours.
    I know for active duty with waivers and all it doesn’t make much difference.  But when overhead is important the small fee for CAAF is, well . . . helpful, that plus the JAA Advocacy Seminar got you some good carry-over.
    And a HUGE shout-out to Ms. Burley at CAAF who has litigated very hard with the VA Bar (and perhaps others) to get us credits.