Marine Corpse Desecration Case Ends in Plea
Here is WaPo’s report on yesterday’s plea by SSgt Edward Deptola to charges related to the urinating on corpses incident in late 2012. Military Judge LtCol Nicole Hudspeth awarded SSgt Deptola a BCD, but a plea agreement limited his confinement to reduction by one pay grade. Additional coverage from AP (via FayObs) here.

Manning Case Evidentiary Rulings Limit Defense Evidence
Military Judge Colonel Denise Lind limited the use of motive evidence in the trial of PFC Bradley Manning on charges that he aided the enemy and various other offenses when he released classified material to Wiki[shhh]:

Prosecutors say Manning told an online confidant-turned-government-informant that he leaked the material because “I want people to see the truth” and “information should be free.” Lind said such material is only relevant as evidence of “whether he knew he was dealing with the enemy.”

She also barred Manning from using at trial any reports compiled by government agencies that concluded the Wiki[shhh] revelations didn’t compromise national security. The defense can use such material only during sentencing.

The ruling was largely a victory for the government,which had asked Lind to exclude any use of motive evidence from the trial

AP (via WaPo) report here. For a slightly different take on the rulings, see Julie Tate’s article (also in the WaPo) here:

A military judge ruled Wednesday that prosecutors will have to prove that Army Pfc. Bradley Manning knew he was providing information to the enemy when he disclosed hundreds of thousands of cables to Wiki[shhh],the anti-secrecy group.

Army Col. Denise Lind,who is presiding over pretrial hearings at Fort Meade,Md.,also said Manning’s defense team can present evidence that the former intelligence analyst selected documents to leak that would not harm national security.

3 Responses to “Military Justice News for Jan. 17, 2013”

  1. soonergrunt says:

    So which characterization of Judge Lind’s ruling is more correct, or rather less incorrect?

  2. SFC V says:

    A SPCM for a 1 grade reduction.  That’s a lot of work for NJP level punishment.

  3. Lieber says:

    The first one.  Julie Tate is in the tank for Manning and it’s pretty unprofessional of the Post to be sending her (IMO).