Canadian military officials can recall and try retired servicemembers too.  See reports here (The Canadian Press via and here (AP via Yahoo News).

Two more training related courts-martial from Lackland start today. AP (via Texas News 13) report here.

More from the Sinclair Innocence website as reporters dig into text messages from the accuser and other information on the site. Army Times report here.

More coverage of MAJ Hasan maneuvers to nix the potential death penalty for the Ft. Hood shootings.  Report here.

One Response to “Military Justice News for Jan. 29, 2013”

  1. Some Army Guy says:

    From the Sinclair article: “Although most sexual assault cases rely heavily on testimony and physical evidence, prosecutors have offered no physical evidence in this case, and the female captain has testified at evidentiary hearings in November that their relationship was an emotional roller coaster for her.”
    I’ve seen lots of sexual assault cases that don’t rely on any physical evidence.