The Federal Register has published this notice in which the Joint Service Committee on Military Justice solicits proposed changes to the MCM no later than 8 April 2013.

2 Responses to “Joint Service Committee solicits proposed MCM changes”

  1. Gene Fidell says:

    I plan to submit some suggestions to the JSC. If CAAFloggers/readers have any thoughts on what should be included, please let me know, with cites to the affected MCM provisions and supporting rationales. I cannot guarantee that I will include everything you send me, but I will review every one. Feel free to email at For the shy persons among us, I will not identify third-party suggesters in my submission unless you tell me you are willing to be mentioned by name.
    Question for friends at the JSC: does the Working Group systematically review cases in which CAAF suggests MCM changes? A string cite to these appears in the CAAF Rules Guide 35-37 (13th ed. 2010).

  2. Zachary Spilman says:

    Easiest way to comment is at this link.

    Back in December I submitted this comment to the 2012 proposed amendments to the MCM. In it, I suggested four additional changes to the MCM:

    1. Expand Procedural Protections Afforded to a Person Accused of Contempt
    2. Restore the [Article 92 maximum punishment] Note at Paragraph 16e of Part IV of the Manual
    3. Limit the Use of Personal Identifiers [in military justice documents].
    4. Consider Rules to Address Contemporaneous Public Access to Court-Martial Documents