The Fall 2012 edition of the Military Law Review is now online here and it’s a good one for we military justice wonks.

Here’s a link to LT Randall Leonard and LT Joseph Toth’s article, Failure to Report:  The Right Against Self-Incrimination and the Navy’s Treatment of Civilian Arrests after United States v. Serianne.

Here’s a link to MAj John Lorank Kiel, Jr.’s article, War Crimes in the American Revolution:  Examining the Conduct of Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton and the British Legion During the Southern Campaigns fo 1780-1781. (Okay, I realize that’s really a LOAC, not military justice, piece, but it still looks like a cool article.  And it tells us that Tarleton dropped out of law school at Oxford’s Univeristy College.)

Speaking of Brits, here’s a link to the 39th Kenneth J. Hodson Lecture in Criminal Law by Major General Michael D. Conway, Director General of Army Legal Sevices, British Army.

One Response to “Fall 2012 Military Law Review online”

  1. Navy DC says:

    Outstanding article by Leonard & Toth.  LT Leonard is an outstanding trial advocate and Toth is one of the brightest attorneys I’ve ever met – he’s now clerking in federal district court.