Brennan Confirmation Hearing Drones On
More on the legality of drone strikes, particularly against US citizens, and some discussion of interrogation techniques and waterboarding at the Brennan confirmation hearing.  NYT coverage hereHere is the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence website with now archived video of the hearing.

Behenna Back Before Army Clemency and Parole Board
While his Supreme Court petition awaits an SG response, Michael Behenna’s family appeared before an Army Clemency and Parole Board to ask for leniency, report here.  [Update]  Missed this before but there is a copy of the letter from the Okla. congressional delegation to the ACPB on the NewsOK site, here.  And it hadn’t occurred to me that the Oklahoma congressional delegation actually has more members than the current CAAF.  Learn something new everyday.  H/t Ama G.

Sad Story Doesn’t Get Better in Navy SEAL Sniper’s Death
This on the death of author and former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle and his friend as they were trying to help a troubled Marine:

Eddie Ray Routh,the former Marine corporal accused of killing Chris Kyle,an author and retired Navy SEAL sniper,had been released from a veterans hospital here four days before the shootings over the objections of his parents,Mr. Routh’s court-appointed lawyers said.

Mr. Routh,25,and his relatives told the police in recent weeks and months that he had been deeply troubled and was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder,according to court documents. He had a series of run-ins with the authorities in parts of North Texas, and had threatened to kill himself at least once,police records show.

NYT report here.

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  1. Ama Goste says:

    Groan on the “drone” pun, No Man.

  2. Ama Goste says:

    I wonder how often the parole boards have a state’s entire congressional delegation petition them.