Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr., USAF (Ret.) is a member of the Code Committee, in addition to being the Executive Director of Duke Law School’s Center on Law, Ethics and National Security.  The Code Committee will meet at CAAF at 1000 on 5 March.  The Committee, which is created by Article 146 of the UCMJ, is tasked by Congress with making “an annual comprehensive survey of the operation” of the UCMJ and offering recommendations “relating to (i) uniformity of policies as to sentences; (ii) amendments to [the UCMJ]; and (iii) any other matter the committee considers appropriate.”

General Dunlap plans to offer proposed changes to the UCMJ.  He invites those with proposed reforms for his consideration to email them to him at  His deadline for submitting proposals is this coming Friday, 15 February, so any suggestions should be given to him ASAP to provide him with time to consider them.

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