Here is a link to WaPo coverage of allegations by Gitmo defense lawyers about eavesdropping on attorney-client communications.

More coverage here of Lackland instructor SSGT Craog Leblanc’s court-martial here. Leblanc’s counsel brought a UCI motion yesterday claiming unlawful command influence by the Army Chief of Staff:

Jordan’s motion said Welsh had hurt LeBlanc’s chances to have a fair trial by telling the House Armed Services Committee that instructors who have had liaisons with trainees should be booted out of the Air Force.

Saw this when reading the LeBlanc story and it raises a recurring lesson learned, drinking with recruits never ends well:

A Navy recruiter was arrested Monday afternoon on a charge of sexual assault of a 19-year-old woman who visited the Alamo Heights recruiting office in December.

Juan Jose Pena, 28, was taken into custody at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, according to an Alamo Heights Police Department news release.

The alleged victim went with another woman to the recruiting office in the 5200 block of Broadway on Dec. 21 because she wanted to talk about her enlistment plans, police said. Pena asked the two women to stay at the office and drink with him.

Both women stayed and became intoxicated, police said, and during that time, Pena allegedly raped the recruit.

Closing arguments wrapped up the court-martial of a retired Canadian warrant officer in Manitoba for charges related to a range training death in Afghanistan. Coverage here (CBC News).

A UN investigation found evidence of torture in Afghan prisons, see NYT report here. The investigation poses problems for US detention efforts as various conventions/treaties prohibit the transfer of battle field detainees if there is credible evidence they will be tortured by the receiving country (that’s a tortured summary, but you get the picture).

3 Responses to “Military justice news for February 12, 2013”

  1. k fischer says:

    Couldn’t help but notice that the facts in both the LeBlanc and the Pena story involve the accused luring two women into a building where one of them was raped.  I really wish the press or the military did a better job of explaining the facts, so I could rid myself of that pesky failure to understand the counterintuitive behavior of women who are witnesses to their friends being brutally raped.  I’m assuming that the friend who was with the respective victim was either tied up and prevented from reporting the crime, or she escaped and immediately called 911 to report the rape that was in progress.  The other female was busy receiving oral sex from another instructor in LeBlanc’s case, but I don’t see in the article what happened in the Pena case.
    Wait a second, here is a much better article about Pena:
    Dang!  See what happens when you have better facts out there?  Upon walking in on Pena having sex with the vic who at the time was throwing up, the friend in Pena’s case drove away to get help, crashed her car, and got arrested for DWI.  Pena dropped the vic off at her apartment, where her roommate called the cops and made a pretext phone call to Pena in front of the officers. Then, Pena called his buddy to get rid of the alcohol and vic’s panties, obviously facts showing consciousness of guilt.  An NCO who keeps alcohol at the office where he sleeps with women 9 times out of 10 is the kind of NCO for whom this would not be the first proverbial rodeo.
    Then again, the friend could have walked in on her friend having consensual intercourse with Pena, then feeling like a third wheel, she tried driving home where she crashed her car, then called her friend and told her to accuse Pena of rape to explain why she was driving drunk, the friend and roommate concoct this story, call Pena in a pretext phone call and accuse him of rape due to incapacitation, and Pena attempted to get rid of the alcohol bottles and underwear because he was concerned about violating the order prohibiting Recruiters from fraternizing with recruits, and this was really his first time doing something like this because he really liked this girl.
    The keys to this case are the pretext phone call, the vomit, and other victims.  That call probably says a lot about this case; I hope SAPD recorded it.  What kind of sick twisted freak would have sex with a woman who was vomiting, especially if they were in the missionary position?  There should be vomit somewhere: in a trash can, on the floor, on her clothes, on his clothes.  Also, NCIS should have provided support and already interviewed all of Pena’s past female recruits who have shipped to see if he did anything inappropriate with them.  Either way, Pena’s career should be over for obstruction and fraternization, but it looks like the fight could be over whether or not he has to register as a sex offender for life.

  2. Bridget Wilson says:

    Looks like he has pleaded in the matter.

  3. Paul LeBlanc says:

    No relation.