Here is a Fox News story that says the White House will not continue to seek Senate confirmation of Gen. John Allen as NATO commander. The story isn’t exactly clear why, but speajs about the investigation that cleared General Allen of wrongdoing in connection with emails that were uncovered in the investigation of General Petraeus. earlier this year.

NYT coverage, here, of Admiral (ret) MacDonald’s testimony at yesterday’s commission hearings. Also disturbing statements from prison officials about the seizure of legal mail and the promise to return most of it.

The San Antonio Express-News continues decent coverage of the Lackland instructor cases. Here is a report on yesterday’s sentencing of SSGT Craig Leblanc. Leblanc was found not guilty of sexual assault, but guilty of various other offenses involving recruits, adultery and orders violations. He received two and a half years confinement.

Naval SPECWARCOM Commander says “The Shooter” was not “screwed” and knew he would lose benefits reports USAToday here. As much as I sympathize with vets in these situations, it is hard to believe a ten year Navy Petty Officer or Chief wouldn’t either be told what benefits you they would lose by leaving early or already know. But, stranger things have happened. Odd how so many of these guys are suddenly breaking the SEAL code of silence.

11 Responses to “Military Justice News for Feb. 15, 2013”

  1. Charlie Gittins says:

    I figured Allen was DOA, even after he was “cleared” by DoDIG.  If he were to try to get confirmed, the e-mails would have come up at the hearing and one or more Senators would have been quoting from them.  I doubt they are “innocent” communications and the last thing Allen (or the White House) would have wanted is the public to have heard the actual content of the e-mails, IMO.

  2. k fischer says:

    Maybe I’m just a bleeding heart, but 2 1/2 years in jail and a DD for LeBlanc seems a little harsh.  He took accountability by pleading to 8 of the 9 charges, and he was acquitted of sexual assault.  Of course, the media still says that he plead guilty to sex crimes in the captions to the photos:
    Trying to avoid media coverage, Staff Sgt. Craig LeBlanc, left, is escorted in shackles, to a hearing at Lackland Air Force Base on Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013. LeBlanc has plead guilty to sex crimes while he was a Military Training Instructor.
    Photo: Bob Owen, San Antonio Express-News

    Read more:
    I don’t think he plead guilty to any crimes that required sex offender registration, but he did plead guilty to fraternization and adultery, which I guess technically are crimes which involve sexual intercourse…..

  3. SFC V says:

    “Lt. Col. Shawn Speranza described LeBlanc’s many misdeeds, including forcing recruits to eat cookies, committing adultery, having sex and an unprofessional relationship with the recruit, and asking her to lie about it to investigators.”

    Forcing recruits to eat cookies?  Lying to investigators,  innapropriate relationship with a trainee, and adultery are all misdeeds.  But forcing recruits to eat cookies?  Saying some crazy stuff like that just causes me to tune you out.  Reminds me of the commander who kept calling me insisting that we prosecute a Soldier for malingering.  Anyway we can get a dueling charge in there too?

  4. k fischer says:

    SFC V,
    I had an MP Commander and 1SG waste an hour of my life explaining to them why they shouldn’t give an MP an Article 15 for disobeying an order to eat lettuce.  Not so sure that any force would be required to get a recruit to eat cookies.

  5. soonergrunt says:

    Hey, I’ll have you all know that if trainees are forced to eat cookies, then respect for the regulations goes right out the window from day one!  And if trainees don’t respect regulations, the next thing you know, they’re putting their hands in their pockets!  If they’re keeping their hands warm, then where will you be, huh?  After a while, discipline has gone completely to hell, and forget about ever getting it back!  And if the military loses its’ discipline, can American society be far behind?  And once you’ve got the American people thinking they just do whatever the hell they want, then the rest of western society will follow with them!  Then we’ll see the collapse of the whole Westphalian System!  And once that happens, you know what we’ll get?
    That’s right!  SHARIA LAW!
    Why do you hate America and Western Civilization?

  6. SFC V says:

    That’s an hour you won’t ever get back.  Which felony should I take my limited man/hours away from because you wanted to be special and order a Soldier to eat lettuce.  Crime of the century.  If they would have had two Soldiers refuse to eat lettuce at the same time you would have been explaining the finer points of mutiny.

  7. SFC V says:

    Only communist heathens force recruits to eat cookies!  If I were the judge I would have really wanted to say “You serious Clark?”  Those cookies probably bought him an extra couple months in the pokey.

  8. Ex TC says:

    What kind of cookies? Did he have notice to defend against chocolate chip cookies versus oatmeal raisin cookies? Sounds like someone got railroaded by the Man. 

  9. Ama Goste says:

    While it might be true in this case, Frat doesn’t necessarily involve intercourse or even sex of any form.

  10. K fischer says:

    ***involved sexual intercourse.

    H/t Ama Goste

  11. John Harwood says:

    Forcing recruits to eat cookies?  From the size of some of the recruits I’ve seen, I don’t think many of them need much persuading to tuck in to a sleeve of Thin Mints or Oreos.