The Supremes have docketed a pro se IFP cert petition seeking review of CAAF’s denial of a writ appeal petition.  Robins v. United States, No. 12-8799.  The Supremes have no statutory cert jurisdiction over such a case.

4 Responses to “Yet another jurisdictionless military cert petition”

  1. Phil Cave says:

    My Liege.  Perhaps they are doing like some other litigants – drawing attention to the issue to get change.  

  2. Phil Cave says:

    If I may channel Queen, “We are the Goveeeernmmmeeeent, we are the Goveeeernmmmeeeent.”

  3. SFC V says:

    Why the lack of jurisdiction I do not know.  It’s not like the court would suddenly grant cert in a bunch of cases.  The Supreme Court has been rather deferential to military courts and I believe they would continue to be.  I can’t see the harm in allowing them to petition the court.  But who am I?

  4. Gene Fidell says:

    SFC V, how would you like to be on the House or Senate Armed Services Committee?