The “September 2012” issue of the Army Lawyer is now online here.  The issue has three articles of interest to we military justice wonks.

First is a two-page essay by Regimental Historian Fred Borch called, Investigating War Crimes:  The Experiences of Colonel James M. Hanley During the Korean War.

Next is MAJ Jason M. Elbert’s article, A Mindful Military:  Linking Brain and Behavior Through Neuroscience at Court-Martial.

Finally, there’s LTC Mark Kulish’s article, A View from the Bench:  Charging in Courts-Martial.

But here’s a curious aspect of the “September 2012” issue of the Army Lawyer:  MAJ Elbert’s article cites six web sites “last visited Feb. 1, 2013.”  See Army Law., Sept. 2012 at 4 nn.1, 2, 5, 5 nn.11, 19, 11 n.132, and another “last visited Jan. 9, 2013.”  Id. at 19 n.277.  The non-military justice article that follows cite two websites “last visited Jan. 12, 2013.”  Id. at 25 n.1., 32 n.98.  And a book review cites two websites “last visited Dec. 21, 2012.”  Id. at 46 nn. 4, 5.

Why doesn’t the Army Lawyer make its labels reflect reality and skip the October 2012-February 2013 issues of the Army Lawyer and call the next issue what it actually is:  the March 2013 issue?

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