Interesting NPR piece on the Invisible War’s Myla Haider here

The response to transparency and legality concerns with the US drone policy appears to be more symbolic than real, so says Eric Schmitt at the NYT here.

7 months confinement and a BCD in latest Lackland instructor case. This instructor had consensual sex with two recruits and lied to investigators according to the report out of San Antonio here.

[UPDATE]  I forgot to add yesterday’s news about the military judge, COL Tara Osborn, rejecting MAJ Nidal Hasan’s attempt to plead guilty . . . because one of the not so bright provisions of the [UCMJ] prohibits it. LA Times report here.  COL Osborn also appears to have ruled on several “standard” capital court-martial motions. [My apologies for earlier pinning all the blame for the SNAFU in capital pleas on the Executive Branch; Congress created the mess in UCMJ, Art. 45(b).]

One Response to “Military Justice News for Mar. 22, 2013”

  1. LCDR Obvious says:

    I listened to NPR’s piece on Myla Haider on the way into work yesterday, and it infuriated me.  By her own admission, she gets raped but then doesn’t report it because–despite being a CID agent–she lacks faith in the military justice system.  Then, when her alleged rapist allegedly does it again, she suddenly feels moved to testify about what happened to her, as though the thought that a sex offender might reoffend had never crossed the mind of this top-notch CID agent.  I am sure the defense had a field day with that at the trial.  Then she is shocked when this impacts her ability to work other sexual assault cases.  The story also says she was kicked out of the Army, but doesn’t say why.  I generally enjoy NPR, but their reporting on this has been uniformly sloppy and one-sided.