On Thursday, the White House announced that President Obama has renominated Kevin Ohlson of the Justice Department to Judge Effron’s seat on CAAF.  The seat has been vacant since Judge Effron retired in 2011.  Since then, CAAF has called on either Senior Judge Effron or Senior Judge Cox to sit with it on cases in which it has heard oral argument and a smattering of other matters.

President Obama first nominated Mr. Ohlson for the seat on 14 September 2011.  That nomination died when the 112th Congress adjourned.

Mr. Ohlson is currently the head of the Professional Misconduct Review Unit in the Department of Justice.  But it was his previous DOJ service as Attorney General Eric Holder’s chief of staff that appeared to be responsible for sidetracking his confirmation during the last Congress.  At his SASC confirmation hearing, Mr. Ohlson was sharply questioned about Operation Fast and Furious by Senators McCain and Cornyn

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