Here is Yahoo News coverage of the plea of SPC William Millay at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson on espionage charges. Millay you’ll recall from earlier coverage, here, was charged with attempting to pass US secrets to an FBI agent posing as a Russian spy. Former MC lawyer Charlie Swift was Millay’s counsel.

The first female MTI now faces charges relating to the Lackland mess, Air Force Times coverage, here, reports that “Staff Sgt. Emily Allen is charged with having an unprofessional relationship.”

More Lackland MTI cases here (McClatchy). This one another first, the first Lackland training related court held outside of San Antonio. This one is for an AF SSGT at Keesler AFB; charges include assault and wrongful sexual contact.

2 Responses to “Military Justice News for Apr. 16, 2013”

  1. K fischer says:

    Does anybody know whether Emily Allen’s charges involve sex with a male trainee b/c if so, I wonder if Congresswoman Speier still believes that consent is impossible in that power dynamic. I don’t think it is, I just want to see whether ther are limits to her hypocrisy..

  2. soonergrunt says:

    “An unprofessional relationship”?  What does that mean, and why wasn’t she charged with rape?  I thought that servicemembers in a trainee status were not able to consent because of the power imbalance.