Here is the current hearing link for SASC’s full committee hearing on Pending Legislation Regarding Sexual Assaults in the Military.  In a rare appearance, all of the JCS members and all of the service JAGs–impressive photo here–along with the Chief Legal Counsel for the JCS, argued for convening authorities to retain their authority over sexual assault cases.  Panel two has O-6 commanders from the four services, including one of my old commands COMDESRON TWO.

5 Responses to “Live SASC Hearing on Military Sexual assaults”

  1. Lieber says:

    Interesting comments from a civilian viewing the hearings.  See especially the 1600 update….suffice it to say we’re pretty horrible at messaging.

  2. Smith says:

    I apologize if this was discussed in the testimony, but I haven’t had the opportunity to view it.  At the bottom of the linked page are some “additional submitted documents.”  Does anyone have any background on those?  On their face they seem pretty egregious, but it would be nice to see the flip side of the coin.

  3. ResIpsaLoquitur says:

    I heard Senator Gillenbrand on the radio a little while ago talking about the hearings.  It was the usual spiel: commanders are biased, looking out for their buddies, prosecutors know better, etc.

  4. Lieber says:

    Whoops, the system wouldn’t let me paste link above…: