Two non-Military Law Review/Army Lawyer law review articles on Mil Jus to share today:

Both are interesting in light of curreent Mil Jus cases in the news.

2 Responses to “Mil Jus Scholarship”

  1. Dan Maurer says:

    Can also access the Military Mediation article via Westlaw, at 28 OSHJDR 419. 

  2. Gordon Smith says:

    The article on ”Unusual Punishment”,  sadly,  contains at least four errors regarding capital cases in the US military.
    1-the number of executions in the First World War is incorrectly stated as 11. The more accurate figure would be 36-11 in France and 25 in the United States.
    2-it is not true,  as this article asserts,  that there have been no capital cases for uniquely military cases since the Second World War. An African-American soldier,  Leon Gilbert,  was sentenced to death on a charge of misbehavior before the enemy during the Korean War. President Truman commuted his sentence to twenty years.
    3: Contrary to urban myth,  Eddie Slovik is not the only American soldier to have been executed for a purely military offense since the Civil War. Two African-American soldiers were executed after trial by military commission on a charge of desertion to the enemy in 1902,  in the Philippines.
    4: The claim that 18 Germans were executed for spying and unlawful use of the American uniform in the Battle of the Bulge is yet another unsourced urban myth repeated by historians. If the record of trial in the war crimes trial of Otto Skorzeny can be believed, the actual figure is apparently 17.