Audio of Wednesday’s oral argument at the NMCCA in United States v. Paris is available at this link. The issues argued were:

I. Whether the appellant’s entry of terms into a search engine was a “substantial step” toward the commission of the offense.
II. Whether the evidence proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the appellant had the specific intent to access websites containing child pornography.

3 Responses to “NMCCA Argument Audio: Paris”

  1. ConLaw2 says:

    Not gonna listen to this but the answer is no if that’s really all he did.  I search for BUYING COCAINE ONLINE and the government charges me with attempting to possess a controlled substance, what result and why?

  2. Jay Jackson says:

    Interestingly, child porn can instantly pop up on your computer after entering certain search terms.  Cocaine will probably not.

  3. SomeDC says:

    Interestingly, not through Google.