A big thanks to the nearly 600 of you who completed our recent reader survey! Here’s some of what we learned:

  • 87% of you are in the military.
  • Of those in the military, 67% are active duty judge advocates.
  • 26 self-described trial or appellate judges took the survey.
  • A majority of respondents read CAAFlog at least once a day.
  • Practically nobody (<1%) wants us to post less often.
  • A majority of readers joined us in the last three years.
  • 70% of respondents say CAAFlog is your primary source for MilJus news.
  • 67% of respondents read because you like our commentary and analysis.
  • We are either neutral or slightly biased in favor of a defense point of view.
  • Of the ranked features, the Argument Previews and Reader Comments are the least valued.

We also received 119 suggestions of how to improve CAAFlog.

More details to follow.

7 Responses to “CAAFlog Reader Survey Results”

  1. ContractLawyer says:

    I actually like the comments best.  This allows Moyer diverse views, comments, and questions.  I definitely like the annonimity.
    Have posts or comments ever been requested as evidence?

  2. LT B says:

    I think the argument previews are fantastic. 

  3. Mack says:

    @ContractLawyer – I’ve seen a motion that quoted “a comment on CAAFlog.”  Not a fan, but I have seen it done.

  4. Some Army Guy says:

    I love the comments.  

  5. Anonymous Air Force Senior Defense Counsel with the Initials NM says:

    I’ve seen comments from CAAFlog quoted in media reports.  Usually say something like, “a source identifying themselves as a defense lawyer for the Air Force stated…”
    That’s why I always post anonymously.

  6. Stats says:

    Your point of view conclusion is a little off.  When 10% of respondents believe you to be strongly biased towards the defense and 41.9% believe you to be slightly biased toward defense (51.9% total), it is hard to conclude you might be neutral based upon 45.3% voting neutrality.  Conversely only 2.8% believed you to be strongly or slightly biased towards the government.  A number of neutral voters were probably hoping it to be so as well. 

  7. Zachary D Spilman says:

    Well, the survey said (rounded to the nearest %):

    Strongly Biased Defense: 10%
    Slightly Biased Defense: 42%
    Neutral: 45%
    Slightly Biased Prosecution: 3%
    Strongly Biased Prosecution: 0%

    So, 87% of our readers said we are either neutral or slightly biased in favor of a defense point of view.

    Considering that, I feel pretty good about my characterization that, “We are either neutral or slightly biased in favor of a defense point of view.”