Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Krusinski, who was once chief of the Air Force SAPR program, isn’t charged with sexual assault after all. Reuters has the story here:

“After a closer investigation of the facts and a review of the status of the case law, the more appropriate charge is the assault and battery, not the sexual battery charge,” Theo Stamos, the prosecutor, told Reuters. She declined to comment about the evidence in the case.

According to this Marine Corps Times story, “The Navy and Marine Corps will soon publicize a running list of court-martial verdicts for all offenses on their official homepages, in an effort to add accountability for the crimes. They are stopping short, however, of actually posting offender names.”

For those who remember last year’s recurrent firings of Navy skippers, the practice seems to be contagious across the Department. The Marine Corps Times reports about the firing of a 22d MEU commander in this report, which notes that:

At least six other Marine officers have been removed from command since mid-March. In each case, Marine officials have provided little explanation for why the decisions were made, saying a general officer had lost confidence in that commander’s ability to lead his personnel.

Stars and Stripes reports on CAAF’s denial of the Government petition for reconsideration in Hutchins, and Sergeant Hutchins’ anticipated release from confinement today.

And Stars and Stripes also reports that “Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, guilty of murdering 16 Afghan civilians, used a controversial malaria drug linked to paranoia, hallucinations and psychosis while serving in Iraq, according to his lawyer.” We’re reminded of the “unspecified mental disorder” discussed in the Bales case, that brought it into the #4 Military Justice Story of 2012.

McClatchy reporter Michael Doyle covers the ongoing inquiry into military judge LtCol Palmer (part of the #8 story of 2012).

Members selection is underway in the Sinclair case. Details in this New York Times story.

And Fox News reports that key conservative legislators are joining efforts to limit or remove the commander’s prosecutorial discretion in courts-martial.

2 Responses to “Military Justice News for Friday, July 19, 2013”

  1. k fischer says:

    Re: Jeffrey Krusinski,
    Perfect example of the good ole boys taking care of each other.  I bet Theo Stamos is a pilot.  What’s his rank, anyways and why didn’t USA Today include it?  They should let the civilians handle this case if they are going to drop the charge that will not require him to register as a sex offender.  
    (I’m being fudiculous…….speaking of which, where is Senator Gillibrand to express her outrage at this female civilian prosecutor for dropping the ball?)

  2. Bill C says:

    They need to take away the governor’s pardon powers.