Here is a good example of why one should not act as their own attorney. MAJ Nidal Hasan has released a statement exclusively to Fox News, here, stating that “the U.S. military is at war with his religion.” Fox News , really?

Here is an Air Force Times piece about the LRM v. Kastenberg decision featuring NIMJ’s Gene Fidell.

And here (subscription req’d) the WSJ continues its coverage of the other side of the military’s sexual dilemma. This story by James Taranto about the acquittal of a West Point cadet.

More on General Amos and potential UCI issues in the Marine Corps courts-martial related to the Taliban corpse desecration cases, from the Washington Times here.

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6 Responses to “Military Justice News for July 29, 2013”

  1. paleo says:

    1. Is someone going to throw a retro-active insanity / incapable of pro se action into the mix for Hasan? 
    2. Re: LRM, what does this say to the chain of command when service members come to them with complaints of UCMJ violations in which the service member is the victim of the alleged incident? Seems it places a greater and more appropriate burden on the shoulders of leadership to take these people more seriously and not blow them off, as they often do. 
    3. Why aren’t we seeing stories of GEN Amos being reprimanded by the SecDef? Why hasn’t he been fired? How long until old emails and records of conversations pop up when he conducted NJP, ordered court-martials, show-cause, etc, showing bias? Rest assured, he will cry a river that any move to fire or discipline him is unjust, not based on all available evidence, and without due process – the same evils he wanted to inflict on others. 

  2. Some Army Guy says:

    “‘And here (subscription req’d) the WSJ continues its coverage of the other side of the military’s sexual dilemma. This story about the acquittal of West Point cadet James Taranto.”
    James Taranto wrote the piece.  The cadet was Trent Cromartie.
    And I hate stacking charge sheets with 107s that simply relate to the gravamen of the crime. 

  3. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Thanks SAG for pointing out the problematic word order issue.

  4. anon says:

    I believe part of Judge Kastenburg’s ruling at trial was that the participation of a third-party victim advocate would create the appearance of impartiality and unfairness before the tribunal.  How does the CM proceed forward based upon this ruling?

  5. Ed says:

    General Amos appears to have lost his sense of reality such that he appears to really believe the nonsense his spokesperson has put forth.

  6. k fischer says:

    And, in this week’s double down/throw gasoline on the UCI fire, Secretary Hagel expresses his full confidence in the job that CMC is doing.