Salyer – Judgment

Here’s a link to the opinion.

7 Responses to “Salyer – short and sweet”

  1. Paul LeBlanc says:

    The opinion (not so short) is on the CAAF web site.

  2. Neutron73 says:

    Wow…..a great slap in the face to the government in this one.  I guess going after LtCol Mori and the concerted effort to get him removed was not such a good idea.  Several folks need to get their heads slapped for this, starting with the SJA in charge on down to the trial counsels.
    Plus a couple of others who were involved behind the scene, but somehow have escaped scrutiny.

  3. Cap'n crunch says:

    Glad the dissent did not carry the day.  Had they, it would be open season on military judge’as personnel files.

  4. paleo says:

    Vegas has the odds of punishment for the SJA and his/her minions at one in eleventy billion.

  5. Bill Cassara says:

    I have tried to picture myself as a young TC (which was many years ago) and tried to put myself in their shoes.  I can’t.  If someone had come up with this lame brained idea, I would have cringed.  And even if my SJA ordered me to do it (not saying that is what happened here) I am not sure I would have.  And as an SJA or OIC, I cannot fathom making that call to the Chief Circuit Judge.  I also think the Chief Circuit Judge should not escape scrutiny.  After the phone call switched from “we are making a motion for recusal” to anything else it should have ended abruptly.  This case was so easily avoidable. 

  6. Justin Henderson says:

    Mr. Cassara, I’m with you.  If I somehow would have accessed a given MJ’s OMPF — What were the precise mechanics of that action, by the way? Those files aren’t readily available on the web, are they? — I would have been far too afraid to tell my STC or CO that I’d done so.