We award the Silver CAAF Tongue to the appellate counsel who argued the most cases at CAAF during the term.

Two errors in my case-tracking spreadsheet caused me to miscount, and I originally had Mr. William Cassara as the sole winner, with four oral arguments: Gaskins, Squire, Garner, and Vazquez.

But there are two winners this year. Major Tyson Kindness of the Air Force Appellate Government Division also argued four cases: Cote, Datavs, Vazquez, and LRM (for the United States).

My deepest apologies to Major Kindness for my error.

Notably, Major Kindness and Mr. Cassara faced-off in the certified case of United States v. Vazquez, No. 12-5002/AF, (opinion) (CAAFlog case page), with Major Kindness’ argument prevailing.

A four seven-way tie for second place is shared by Captain Michael Berry (Navy-Marine Corps Appellate Defense), Captain Kenneth Borgnino (Army Appellate Government), Lieutenant David Dziengowski (Navy-Marine Corps Appellate Defense), Captain Brandon H. Iriye (Army Appellate Defense), Major William Kirby (Navy-Marine Corps Appellate  Government), Captain Brian Mason (Air Force Appellate Government), and Major David Roberts (Navy-Marine Corps Appellate Government). Each argued three cases this term.

Congratulations to all.

3 Responses to “Correction: The 2012 Term Silver CAAF Tongue Winners are Major Tyson Kindness and Mr. William Cassara”

  1. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    As the kids would say, oooh burn, Bill C.  Are you going to take that from Zee?

  2. Bill Cassara says:

    Well, considering AFCCA certified an issue I didn’t raise, ruled in my favor, and then CAAF reversed, you can kind of figure what my thoughts on the case were.   But more importantly, where is my trophy?

  3. Soapbox Lawyer says:

    Congratulations to all!  CPT Brandon Iriye, Army Defense Appellate Division, also had 3 arguments at CAAF (2nd place ain’t bad) with US v. Schell, Riley, and Wilson.