Unfortunately John Stewart is on vacation, but here’s the bit from last night’s Daily Show–including comments on the Kabul Klipper’s ruling in US v. Johnson (which John Oliver obviously doesn’t understand):


The next segment features Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand–whose segment I continue to follow the advice of my mother, note that she starts the interview talking about sexual assault and then says that 26,000 cases occurred last year and less than 1% were prosecuted.

6 Responses to “MilJus Hits The Daily Show”

  1. Bill Cassara says:

    Uninformed and not funny.  A twofer.

  2. Some Army Guy says:

    Should we repeal Article 134’s Abusing a Public Animal to permit sex with unicorns?

  3. Anonymous Air Force Senior Defense Counsel says:

    Bill, I almost always agree with you on these, but I gotta admit…I laughed.  I’d say which part made me laugh, but I worry I’d be brought up on charges for perpetuating political incorrect humor.
    In any event, our juries are more likely to have heard the President’s comments from this clip, then anywhere else.  I can’t wait to hear this response in voir dire, “…you mean the stuff he said on the John Stewart show?”

  4. stewie says:

    Wait, we can’t have sex with unicorns now?
    Why am I still here?

  5. soonergrunt says:

    @Stewie, 1902 Aug09, 2013
    The only appropriate response is “pics or it didn’t happen,” but on some level, I’m afraid of what I’ll see.

  6. stewie says:

    Something wonderful.