6 Responses to “Manning 35”

  1. AFJAGCAPT says:

    Col Lind is my new favorite judge; a good sentence that properly addresses the crimes.

  2. Lieber says:

    My new favorite quote (of many) from Alexa O’Brien: “Manning was held longer than any accused awaiting court-martial history of US mil law.”  Dumb____ has never heard of Hasan or Russell et al….

  3. ResIpsaLoquitur says:

    What’s Manning’s earliest release date?  5 days a month for 420 months is 2100 days, or 5 3/4 years off his sentence.  I forget what the other early release bonuses he can get.

  4. Phil Cave says:

    His MRD is likely earlier than that.  He’s going to get 10-15 days off the top once you figure in good time credit and then various abatements.  They will also calculate that against his PTC time.
    He should be first eligible for parole after 10 years based on a >30 sentence.
    Check out AR 633-30.
    DODI 1325.07

  5. Interested Onlooker says:

    How often is parole actually granted for military prisoners?  I saw it alleged somewhere that while there is a military parole system, it has been more than a decade since anyone has actually been paroled.  Anyone have any numbers, or counterexamples?
    Also, am I correct in suspecting that there are considerably worse places to do a stretch of time?

  6. Phil Cave says:

    There are definitely worse places, espcially since they are in a newer building.
    Military prisonsers are regularly granted parole.  it’s been a while since I was a member of the Navy Clemency & Parole Board but I don’t think the major factors have changed.
    “Acceptance of responsibility for the confining offenses.”
    Have the punitive aspects been served (is he in or out of the sentence window for the crimes found guilty of).
    Rehabilitative potential.
    Attitude while confined.